Scanning: the first step of digitization

Scan from today!

Scanning changes paper document to its electronic version.

Where to scan?

  • In our digitizing center: outsourcing of digitizing services
  • At your place with the help of our digitizing team and technology as a service
  • At your place with our help with education training, selection of software and hardware, and choice of the appropriate processes, however processed by your employees

What to scan?

  • Archive documents
  • Books
  • Forms
  • Contracts
  • Accounting records
  • HR documents
  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Hand filled forms
  • Posters
  • Maps, plans
  • Technical documentation, drawings
  • Card registers, directories
  • Objects of cultural heritage

Outsourcing: trouble-free way for digitizing your documents.

Digitizing is not only about scanning

Do not waste your time! Use your documents efficiently!

Important information included in the documents are acquired by scanned document processing. The scanned document is only an ‘image’. By image processing the possibilities of using documents and information from it are extended. Your documents will start to work for you.

An image processing provides:

  • Simple data search
  • Clear document arrangement
  • Instant access to all information and data anytime and from anywhere
  • Back-up of your paper documents in case of their damage
  • Acceleration of your business processes

We have solutions for you

You know what you need–we know how to get it.

Each solution is driven by our customer needs. We will help you to use the processed data effectively. Get advantage thanks to our innovative digitizing solutions!

Have you heard about benefits of such solutions?

  • Web content management, web publishing: online publication and access to your documents and data
  • Digital archive: long-term back-up and storage of your documents and data
  • Document record management system: evidence and flow of documents
  • Document management and business workflow: DMS and workflow, integration with ERP, ECM system, customer systems, MS Sharepoint